Don't forget to keep in touch with your Sensei. Call or email with questions or comments.

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Oos to all,

Well, we're traveling though the year with excitment and energy. I want to thank you all for continuing to Grow and Change in the Way of Karate. After all, the only constant is change.

Check the years events anytime using the calendar link to the left and Keep in touch with questions or problems. Would you like to help me with any of the many jobs involved in keeping the dojo going? (Off the top of my head we need to clean the dojo floor more often, we need a photographer for special events, we're constantly building trophies, and more.) Write or email. Thanks.

The thing we've been discussing in the dojo recently is the importance of incorporating our karate into our daily lives to help with balance. It seems lately, that many arrive at class with visable stress levels. Although it's true, that training helps relieve that stress, I'm encouraging all of you to incorporate self-care into every day. This includes moving, laughing, and meditating. If you haven't been in class where we've been discussing it, email me.
Here's a reminder to always treat each other with courtesy in person, text and email.

Have you read the karate books we recommend? Here are just a few available:
Books By Master Kelljchian:
Classical Chokes
365 Days of the Warrior

And, by Peter Urban:
The Karate Dojo

And, I have a book on Amazon:
Teaching Children, Karate and More
And One that I recently finished that you can buy in the dojo:
Self Defense: A Common Sense Approach

I'll finish with a few of courtesy reminders for everyone:
-Keep in touch with your Sensei.
-When contacting me, please cc your teacher.
- When emailing or texting, use a courteous salutation such as Thank you.
See you in the dojo. Keep in touch.
Sensei Michelle

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