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Hall 25 - Yearly Calendar    

Events Sponsored by Dojos in The Goju Federation


What a year 2020 was, right? Due to covid, there are no events planned yet for 2021. So, I'm leaving the calendar alone. Please excuse the fact that it is 'out of date'. When there is news, I'll be in touch! Stay Safe everyone.

                   Weapons Certification Dates

    Jan 19 year TBA
    April 26 year TBA
    Sept 13 year TBA

    March 1 year TBA
    May 28 year TBA
    Nov 2 year TBA

                   Competition Dates

    Feb 22nd, year TBA Hosted by Sensei Michelle Ratthe.Place TBA
    May 25th, year TBA Hosted by the Fox Dojo - Dania Pier 8 am
    Nov. 14th, year TBA Bushido Open - Cooper City Community Center - 10am

December brings the annual Holiday Party Hosted by Cooper City on Dec. TBA

Hope to see you at all the events this year!


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