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Black Belts    

Michelle Darbro
The Wildcat
Hall 25-6
9th degree black belt

Sensei Michelle has black belts teaching throughout the state of Florida. She runs a dojo in Broward County.

"One of the many things I like about karate is that is for everyone. It is for the young and the not so young. It is suitable for all physical builds and strengths. The only thing you need to begin training is a desire to do it! The life of the kareteka in training remains constantly interesting and challenging."

Lydia Ward
The Merlin
Hall 25-38

Sensei Lydia teaches in Pembroke Pines.

"What I love about karate is that you train to fight so that you don't have to."

Wendy Schultz-Tallman
The Waterfall
Hall 25-42

Sensei Wendy resides in Indiana.

"Karate has truly been a way of life for me. Without it my personal and professional life would not be as successful as it is. I am greatful for my dojo and teacher."

Liam Irish
The Electric Ray
Hall 25-66

Sensei Liam teaches in Tampa.

"The requisite fundamental quality of a karateka is tenacity. Everything else follows from this."

Jackie Kan
The Arctic Fox
Hall 25-55

Sensei Jackie teaches in Hollywood and in Davie.

"Karate has helped strengthen my character and my body. In my experience, training is both a comfort and a challenge each and every day. I hope that I can be a link to help others enter this world of growth."

Rudy Kerkerian
The Tasmanian Wolf
Hall 25-51

Sensei Rudy teaches in Hollywood and in Davie.

"The best way to learn is by making mistakes."

Harrison Hunter
Hall 25-79

Sensei Harrison teaches in Pompano and Davie.

"Karate has taught me to enjoy the journey and not the destination. It's all a matter of perspective. No matter how challenging soemething may be, it will only make you stronger.."

Jay Cline

Sensei Jay Cline teaches in Hollywood and Dania Beach

"To truly honor your karate, teach."


Edward F. Gonzalez

Sensei Ed teaches in Dania and Davie.

"Learn karate...save a life. Maybe your own!"

Ben Kerzer

Sensei Ben teaches in Hollywood and Dania.

"If you want to be prepared for the unexpected, karate is for you- like it is for me.
Greg Ebenfeld

Sensei Greg teaches in Pompano and Davie.

"Karate has taught me to be sorry for what I've done rather than waiting, doing nothing, and being sorry for what I didn't do."

Yolanda Gonzalez

Sensei Yoli teaches in Dania and Davie.


Bernadette Saunders

Sensei Bernadette teaches in Pompano and Davie.

"Karate Has given me the self confidence needed to accomplish goals I once believed impossible.

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