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Our next event is the Winter Fun Day. This year it will be held at Oak Lake Park (3190N. 56th Ave in Hollywood) on Monday Dec.5th from 5 to 7pm. We'll have a number of activities including snow cones and weaponry. We'll be training all the days in Dec. No holidays will interupt. We'll have special events on Dec. 27, 28, and 29- for those of you who aren't traveling during the holidays. By the way: the way to get my Self-Defense book is to get in touch and have me bring you one, or mail you a copy. Click the "contact" link below for more information. Of course: there are other ways to keep in touch: Find us on face book: Sensei Michelle's Dojo. And, of course, I'll see you in the dojo.
Sensei Michelle

This dojo has a gift for giving all children goals and creating that drive within each child to achieve and exceed those goals.
Suzana Rockwell Marks & Jonathon Marks

We are grateful to have GoJu karate in our lives. It encourages exercise, confidence, and connects us to a community of people. In addition, being a part of the USA GoJu Federation family has taught us the value of courtesy, hard work, and self-discipline...and my daughter has so much fun learning it all in class! Personally, GoJu has pushed my limits, given me the courage to take experiences to the next level, and helped me to face and break through fears. I look forward to teaching it every chance I get! It is a way of life and we are living it together!
Sensei Yolanda and Kamilah

You are a consistently positive force in the lives of my children.
Margaret Foldes

Karate has given my son and I a true level of self-discipline, respect and strength that continues to grow with every day of training.
Mary Hunter
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