There are many events each year. Write me for updates.

Hall 25-6 - Yearly Calendar    

            Events Sponsored by Master Michelle Darbro



    TBA    Visti to Sensei Liam    Time TBA
                  Tampa FL
                   This is one of my favorite days of the year.
                   We'll drive over early Saturday and enjoy the company of
                   Sensei Liam's dojo. It is quite an adventure.
                   Stay in touch for more information.


    11th    Kendo Seminar    Time TBA
                  P J Meli Park
                   This seminar is for intermediate students.
                   We'll meet on Sunday afternoon. We'll learn about many
                   aspects of Kendo, including sparring.
                   Stay in touch for more information.


  10th    Open House for Daytime Dojos    P. J. Meli Park
                 Call Sensei for details.
                  An important day for us to meet and greet all the parents.
                  Watch the kids demonstrate things that they have learned this year.
                  It is an exciting day of shows, prizes, and snacks.

                  Spectators are welcome.


    29th    Adult and Children's Shiai    Time 3 pm  
                  Location P.J.Meli Park
                   Competitors and spectators welcome from9:30 on.
                  Come out and play!
                 It is an exciting few hours.
                  Spectators are welcome.


    TBA   Special Summer Fun in Every Dojo   
                   Each dojo has a different summer event.
                   Events include a Game Night, Breaking, Water Gun Fun.
                   The best way to hear about these events is to stay in touch!


    4th  Beach Workout   
                   It will be held at Dania Pier.
                   6:30 - 8 pm
                   You'll need to bring dry clothes and a towel.
                   It's a great way to experience karate training.
                  Hope to see you there!


    16th  Woman's Self Defense Class   
                   It will be held at Emerald Hills School during regular class hours
                   (6:30 - 8ish) .
                   One of our Black Belts teaches the kids while you enjoy the
                   self-defense class.
                   It is full of useful information, fun and very user-friendly.


    TBA    Special Winter Fun for Everyone   TBA
                   We'll have a target station (because they're always a favorite).
                   If the weather stays warm, we can play with water too!
                   Keep your ears open, because there will be a lot of fun added
                   to those "teasers".
                   The best way to hear about this event, is to stay in touch


   May 5th    Black Belt Demonstration    Place also TBA         
                  A great event for students and families to experience
                  We will be demonstrating everything from kata to self-defense to                   weapons. Don't miss it!
                  Everyone is welcome.

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